Let the Chase Begin!

kid universal page 1 lettering

 Here it is, the end of the first page of Kid Universal, an hints at action to come!

I’ve thought about it a lot and gone back and forth on it but finally came to a decision. As much as I like working in color I’m going to publish Kid Universal in black and white. The main reason being that, on top of all else that goes in to making a comic, coloring a comic is a monumental undertaking. I went back and toned the panels that have been published along with the last panel to make up the first page. I think it looks pretty good but leave me a comment or email at littledogcomics@gmail.com to give me some feedback. I also want to know if you prefer full page updates like this (which would mean less frequent updates) or stick with the weekly one panel at a time updates like I’ve been doing.



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