The Capital of New Mexico Beers

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I tried to brew beer once. I had a kit with instructions. Should have been easy. The instructions, however, were written with the experienced brewer in mind and left out some essential information. After a month I went to bottle my beer only to find out I had fermented it in the wrong kind of bucket and had five gallons of contaminated brew. That’s five gallons of beer wasted. What I needed was a resource to walk me through the basics and lead me towards brew mastery. If only Ale Republic had existed back then.

I recently did some art for Ale Republic, whose goal is to be an educational hub for beer enthusiasts here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here’s more about them from their current Kickstarter campaign.

“We the people of the Ale Republic are a community of beer enthusiasts who here-forth seek to found a new beer establishment that strives to bring quality New Mexican beers from all corners of our great state, to establish a community-oriented atmosphere and to build an educational environment in which our members can learn about beer.

We are opening a pub and brewery which hosts new, seasonal and experimental beers from breweries around the state. As we grow, we will expand our brewing capacity to a state-of-the-art small batch system in which community members can come brew their own recipes.

Ale Republic is the Capital of New Mexico beers. Our mission is to bring the most highly rated and diverse beers in New Mexico to you. These beers will feature unique, prized, seasonal, specialty, and experimental beers. With 30+ taps, you can always expect to find something new and exciting.

We have partnered with local wineries to bring you selections of New Mexican red & white wines, sparkling wines, meads and ciders!

As we expand we will have more house beers. A majority of these recipes will be developed in our brew house by members of the community.”

In addition to the pub they’re working on an app and video series to teach the fundamentals of beer brewing. If you’re a beer beginner like me consider backing Ale Republic on Kickstarter.

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