Kid and Sherman

kid and sherman   I’ve been getting back into watercolor this past month. For practice I painted a series of portraits of characters from Kid Universal. Since Kid and Sherman have already been revealed I posted them firs. Next week I’ll post the conclusion to the first Kid Universal story and the following week I’ll post the rest of the portraits. (They’re my favorites.) You can win one of these or a Squirrel Boy print if you promote Little Dog Comics on Facebook, Twitter or Intstagram. Just make sure to include a link to and the hashtag #LDCFTW14. For more info go to the blog post titled Win Original Art. Facebook Twitter Instagram Don’t forget Inktober is coming!

Win Original Art

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October 27, 2013 I decided to get serious about making comics. So, on a whim, I bough a domain name, started a website and hoped to figure the rest out on the fly. Over the last year I’ve worked a few conventions, gotten feedback from some of my favorite artists, produced more work than I have in years and learned so much about the craft and business of making comics. With the first anniversary of Little Dog Comics  just around the corner I want to celebrate by giving away some original art and prints. To be entered to win all you have to do is use social media to tell your friends about Little Dog Comics. Make sure to include a link to and the hashtag #LDCFTW14. That stands for Little Dog Comics For the Win 2014. I’ll be checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On October 27th I’ll do a random drawing and announce the winners. Five people will win original art featuring Kid Universal and five will win a Squirrel Boy print.



You can enter once per day everyday. The more times you enter the more chances you have to win so spread the word.




Don’t forget Inktober is coming!

Rock’Em Sock’Em

ku pg 003 printsizw.psd


Kid Universal, the pint-sized powerhouse vs. Sherman, the titanium titan. Two robots battling it out in the Rock’Em Sock’Em match of any century. Kid flies in with a haymaker -and wait- Sherman goes down. The match is over already? Guess the the notorious time disruptor isn’t as bad as everyone thought. The story concludes in the next installment of Kid Universal.

I’m sorry to leave everyone hanging but the final page won’t be ready to post until October 2nd but please check in next Friday for some watercolor portraits of Kid and Sherman.

Next month I’ll be participating in Inktober, a daily drawing challenge started by Jake Parker. You can follow my progress on Instagram and Twitter @hellopinello for both accounts. Also, I’ll post the daily drawings on the Little Dog Comics Facebook page. To see other people who are participating check the hashtag #inktober on all of your social media sites. Inktober begins October 1st and runs through the whole month.

I have one last announcement to make. October 27th is the first anniversary of Little Dog Comics. To celebrate I’m giving away a bunch of art and prints. Come back Wednesday September 24th for details on how you can win.

Rabbit with a Hat

have you seen my hat

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

-John Steinbeck

I think that quote sums up this drawing pretty well. The original was drawn with ink on bristol. I colored it digitally using a limited pallet to tie the rabbit in with the back ground. I used a cool light source to mimic morning light and give the whole piece a feeling of coldness.