bagel web

Inktober is upon us! For the last week I’ve been posting daily drawings on Instagram and Twitter. In between my usual posts I’ll post recaps from Inktober. I like this drawing so much that I think I’ll color it and make a print.  He’s Ba’Gel the cosmic deity of creativity. I plan on introducing him in Little Dog Comics in the future. Think of him like the Muse from Greek Mythology.

The Little Dog Comics Giveaway is still going on. Only two people have entered so far so your chances of winning are nearly 100%. Check out the Win Original Art post for more details.

Last thing, I could use a little help keeping the site going. I love making art and comics and will keep posting them here for free no matter what. But there are some costs associated with doing this. If you want to help please subscribe to Little Dog Comics at Patreon for just $1 a month. The best thing you can do, though, is tell your friends about the site.




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