8 steps for drawing a comic book page- preview


Shaun Pinello 2017

When I first started making comics I had no idea where to start. I remember being a kid copying panels from Jim Lee’s X-men #1 on a large yellow envelope. I didn’t know that comic art was rendered in ink so I pressed really hard with my pencil to get the lines as dark as possible and was completely unsatisfied when the lines were dark gray and not black. It didn’t occur to me to trace over my lines with a pen or marker because, “why would I want to do the same drawing twice.” Hey, I was only eight years old. Cut me some slack.

Fast forward twenty plus years and I’ve managed to cobble together a comic art education out of books, videos, and, when I get the chance, talking to professional artists. I don’t know everything about making comics, some days I feel like I’m still scratching the surface, but I know enough to point a new artist in the right direction. If your not an artist but interested in the comics medium my next post might be fun for you too.

Next week I’ll be sharing a post titled 8 steps for drawing a comic book page. Honestly, there are way more than eight steps and each step that I list probably has steps below it but I think these are a good start. And, as a disclaimer, there is no single way to draw a comic. This is just how I do it. So a more accurate title would be 8 steps that Shaun Pinello takes when drawing a comic book page but that just seemed too long.

Also, you can just skip my post and buy Klaus Janson’s book on penciling comics,  The DC Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics. You’re going to get a lot out of that book. Yeah you should definitely get that book. But if you’ve ever been that kid who pressed your pencil too hard to make a line I hope I’ll see you next week for

8 steps for drawing a comic book page!

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