Watercolor Wednesday

Watercolor Wednesday, I kind of like how that sounds so I think I’ll start posting my paintings on Wednesday’s, maybe, if I remember.

So here’s my most recent two, numbers four and five respectively, in my quest to complete 100 paintings.

I’m working on Green Arrow and Black Canary at the moment and have plans to do Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Darkseid after that. So I pose this question to all y’all; What DC character should I draw for number ten? Leave your answer in the comments.

Wonder Woman

This is painting number three of one hundred in my personal challenge to get better at watercolor painting. Last week I did Superman and Bizarro. I was pretty happy with how they turned out but I feel like I leveled up on this Wonder Woman piece.

I feel like I was able to get better color saturation on this one. If you look at the Bizarro piece, it looks a little washed out or light. I also feel like I chose a more interesting color palette. One thing I would do differently is make the top half of the background more purple. I feel like it got too dark and her hair gets lost in it.

Old Stuff For a New Day

I was digging through some old art the other day and decided it was time to let go of some of it. Here’s a few sketch cards I did back in 2014. Might’ve even been 2013 (I should really put dates on pieces.)

They’re up on eBay right now if you’re interested. Starting bid is $1. You can find them under the seller name littdledogcomics2014. Keep checking back because I’ll be posting more old work every Monday.

These were drawn with copics and microns on Bristol board btw.

Be About It

superman watercolor 6x9 web

The best way to get better at something is to put effort into it. I recently decided I wanted to get better at watercolor painting. My plan is to do that by creating a painting of a pop culture character every week until I complete 100. I’ll be posting them every Friday on my instagram (@hellopinello) and on eBay (littledogcomics2014). I hope you guys stick with me as I work through this and we’ll see how things turn out in a about two years.

For the first week I did two paintings, Superman and his arch rival Bizarro. If you are interested in purchasing them check out the listing here.

Bizarro watercolor 6x9 web

Dont talk about it, be about it.