Make What You Like


Here’s something I don’t like doing, making prints for comic conventions. In order to make money at these shows I feel like unestablished artists have to make prints of well known characters. Boring. How many versions of wolverine do we need? So that’s where I was when I started this drawing. Feeling like I had to make something unoriginal while wanting to do something new. In the end I decided I didn’t care if it sold well that I would just make a print that I enjoyed. So far I’ve sold exactly one copy of this print and that one sale was more rewarding than the fifty I sold of an Adventure Time drawing.

Quality Over Speed


Back in January I had a humbling experience as an artist. I had a table at a local comic convention and, as I walked around the con floor, I noticed that there are two types of artists, those who take their time and produce quality work and those so excited to create that they rush and their work suffers for it. I knew which artist I wanted to be and, unfortunately, I knew which one I was. In my excitement to publish a weekly web comic I rushed and created something that didn’t match my vision. After the con I decided to take a break and re-evaluate what I was doing. I took that time to rewrite Agent Pickle which will soon be released on the site as a short story titled A Cupcake To Die For. As I’m finishing that I’ll be posting art and short webcomics every Friday.

Today’s drawing is of my dog, Bucky, as a lumber jack. This drawing started as a ball point pen sketch back in 2011 that became two failed paintings before I came back to it with brush and ink. Sometimes you have to stick with an idea for a few years before you find the best way to get it out.