Power Couple

It’s time for another Watercolor Wednesday but it’s Friday so I’m late. I’ll just get on with the post.

This week I drew a popular couple from DC Comics; Green Arrow and Black Canary.

I tried out doing an under painting with violet washes. It seemed to give the painting a deeper tonal variation so I think I’ll try it again on my next painting.

Watercolor Wednesday

Watercolor Wednesday, I kind of like how that sounds so I think I’ll start posting my paintings on Wednesday’s, maybe, if I remember.

So here’s my most recent two, numbers four and five respectively, in my quest to complete 100 paintings.

I’m working on Green Arrow and Black Canary at the moment and have plans to do Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Darkseid after that. So I pose this question to all y’all; What DC character should I draw for number ten? Leave your answer in the comments.

Wonder Woman

This is painting number three of one hundred in my personal challenge to get better at watercolor painting. Last week I did Superman and Bizarro. I was pretty happy with how they turned out but I feel like I leveled up on this Wonder Woman piece.

I feel like I was able to get better color saturation on this one. If you look at the Bizarro piece, it looks a little washed out or light. I also feel like I chose a more interesting color palette. One thing I would do differently is make the top half of the background more purple. I feel like it got too dark and her hair gets lost in it.

On Snails and the Things That Eat Them

By Shaun Pinello © Little Dog Comics 2016

We’ve got snails, lots of them. Jessie was the first to notice.

They all came out one day when it rained and she saw them on the walkway doing the kinds of things that snails do which doesn’t look like much as you pass by but her curiosity made her examine them more closely and she took videos. These videos peaked into the life of the animal behind the shell. A clip of a snail dipping its head into a cool puddle. A clip of a snail chewing a leaf. Each bite can be seen through its translucent head then going down the snail’s neck and disappearing behind its shell. When the rain stopped the snails retreated to the shade of the plants that lined the walkway.

Once we knew they were there we began to notice them more often. On summer evenings they come out to great each other, see what’s on the other side of they walkway, and feast on the shells of their dead. They really do eat their dead. Their shells are made of calcium and consuming the calcium from the dead snails’ shells fortifies the shells of the living snails.

In winter, just before the first frost, the snails burrow beneath the top layer of soil and hibernate. Jessie and I were not the only ones to notice. A pair of road runners have been dropping by daily to do dig up the snails, smash their shells, and eat their slimy insides. Once it gets warmer the road runners will switch to lizards but for now lizards are in short supply.

By the way, you can buy a print of this drawing from our Etsy shop.

Barley Smash!

barley hulk web

© Little Dog Comics 2015

When I started drawing dogs as superheroes I put the call out on the internet for suggestions. Barely a minute later my sister was the first to respond. She wanted to see her dog, Barley, as the Hulk. Knowing Barley, this is a perfect mash up (or smash up). He’s not an angry dog but he is a destructive force of nature in the tiny body of a Boston Terrier.

We’ll be back on 2/12 so don’t forget about us!

Bat Dog

bat imha

© Little Dog Comics 2016

There are two interests I hold above most others, dogs and comics. Kind of obvious, after all, this is Little Dog Comics. I try to mash them together as often as i can which lead to a series of dogs i know dressed as the super heroes I think they would be. If you would like own a drawing like this of your dog visit our Etsy shop.

You may notice that we haven’t had an update since April 2015. Almost a year! I know that’s a long time but we needed the time to develop great new content so that we won’t have gaps like this in the future. Our new schedule going forward will be every other Friday  starting 1/29. See y’all soon.

Out of Time: An 80’s and 90’s Cartoon Show


Next weekend I’ll be participating in a show at a local gallery organized by Jon Sanchez, Jeremy Montoya and Jonathan Perea. Here’s what they have to say about it on the event’s Facebook page.

Please join us for “Out of Time: an 80’s and 90’s Cartoon Art Show”. Over 25 local artists are coming together to show artwork inspired by cartoons from their childhoods. Come to the opening night event on Friday the 13th… the artwork is sure to sell quickly! There will be food, drinks and DJ Cali 5 spinning all music from the 80’s and 90’s!

I believe that the number of artists has increased to 40 since they created the event page.

This is my piece. It features characters from a show I’m not afraid to admit I enjoy, the Powerpuff Girls! I’m working on pallet restraint so I only used the four colors shown in the picture. Initially, I only wanted to use two (ultramarine and burnt sienna) but then I wouldn’t have been able to make a green for Buttercup or a purple for Fuzzy Lumpkins. I think painting would have looked nice with such a restricted pallet but each of these characters are known for their color. I added yellow ochre mix with ultramarine for green and alizarin crimson for purple. To achieve color harmony each color is actually a mixture of three colors. For example I made a skin tone from alizarin crimson and yellow ochre. For shadows on the skin tones I added a little ultramarine. For purple I used alizarin crimson, ultramarine and burnt sienna for highlights. Since each color is made from a similar recipe they all seem to go well together. Just a little color theory for you in case you were interested.

Back to the show, If you’re in Albuquerque I hope you stop by. It opens March 13th at the Downtown Contemporary Gallery on 4th and Central and runs through the end of the month.