Let the Chase Begin!

kid universal page 1 lettering

 Here it is, the end of the first page of Kid Universal, an hints at action to come!

I’ve thought about it a lot and gone back and forth on it but finally came to a decision. As much as I like working in color I’m going to publish Kid Universal in black and white. The main reason being that, on top of all else that goes in to making a comic, coloring a comic is a monumental undertaking. I went back and toned the panels that have been published along with the last panel to make up the first page. I think it looks pretty good but leave me a comment or email at littledogcomics@gmail.com to give me some feedback. I also want to know if you prefer full page updates like this (which would mean less frequent updates) or stick with the weekly one panel at a time updates like I’ve been doing.



Kid Universal Issue 1 Panel 2

ku pg 002 pnl 2


After hurtling through the time bleed Kid comes face to face with the side of a mountain. Time travel is not so easy and he’s still getting the hang of it. E-mail littledogcomics@gmail.com if you have a guess as to what mountain range that is. First person with a correct guess will win a sketch card of Kid Universal.

Kid Universal Issue 1 Panel 1

ku pg 002 panel 1 copy


After last weeks recap we “dive” into the story. In this panel Kid mentions the time bleed. I don’t plan on spending much time explaining what that is with in the story as context should help with that. Since there is only one panel so far and no context I feel I should explain. The time bleed is what allows Kid to travel within time/space. That’s all I want to say about it for the moment. Pay attention to the colors used in this panel as they will appear again and begin to represent important things in the story.

For now, I plan to post one panel a week. I’d like to post full pages but until I build a larger back stock of pages I don’t think I can maintain a weekly posting schedule. I’ll keep a running archive of full pages here so you can check that every 3-4 weeks to see the pages as I intended them to look.

And who’s speaking off panel? Might be a while before you find out!

Kid Universal Recap

ku 0001 lettered

When I was eleven years old my mom brought  home the best garage sale score ever. It was a foot and a half tall stack of comics from the eighties. There must have been a hundred or more. The first thing I did before reading them was to organize them alphabetically by title then by issue number. That’s when I noticed something was off. For example, I had Green Lantern 188 and 189 then there was a gap and I had issue 200. All the other titles were like this too. The collection was full of holes! Each gap in the story was a mystery to me that I might one day solve if i could only come across those missing issues. With Kid Universal I want you to have that same experience I had when I was eleven so I created this recap page. Currently there are no previous issues but maybe someday I’ll get to those missing issues. Next week we dive into the middle of the story.

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Time Saving Techniques!

ku tst cover

I’m finally launching Kid Universal! This is the cover for the first story line called Time Saving Techniques. Each week I’ll post one panel and I’ll keep an archive in a link on the left side of the page. Your feedback is needed and greatly appreciated. If you like what I’m doing or think I could do something better send me an email littledogcomics@gmail.com

The Making of Kid Universal

ku 2011

An early attempt at “Kid Universal” from 2011

It was 2009. After a year of making poor choices I was broke, with out a car, without a place to live. I was couch surfing from friends house to friends house and occasionally crashing with strangers. Fun for a while but not a sustainable lifestyle. All of my mistakes were forcing me toward one inevitable outcome- it was time to move back in with mom and dad until I could straiten out my life.

I had good reason to believe this would work. Previously my parents had moved 1,000 miles away to a small town north of Cincinnati, Ohio. I had only been there once so I didn’t know anybody and it was far enough away from all the distractions I had let lead me to this point. Also they had a a dog and dogs are therapeutic for people who are down on their luck. I’m sure there is research to back up this claim but I don’t have it at hand. If you don’t believe me you can Google it.

So that fall I moved to Ohio. By this time I hadn’t finished a drawing in almost two years.

My parents were renting a small house with a detached garage that they used for storage. The garage was damp inside from a crack in the foundation that let in water when it rained. Spiders took up residence in the unfinished ceiling. The electrical outlets were so old that if you turned on a space heater and the lights at the same time it would overload the circuit and the power would go out. Despite its flaws it was the only space available, and I desperately wanted to draw, so the garage became my studio. It was bitterly cold but a heavy coat and a few blankets later I was ready to work.

This is where Kid Universal was born.

He started out as a sketch of a kid in a super hero costume. My nephew had been born earlier that year. I hadn’t met him yet because I was too broke to travel but I kept his picture on my desk. The inspiration for Kid Universal came from thinking- when my nephew is old enough to read, what kind of stories would he like?

I wrote short scripts that were terrible. I made more sketches that were terrible. It turns out that if you don’t  make art for a long time it’s very hard to get back into it. But I stayed with it. I would work on KU until I realized something about the story didn’t work. Then I’d take a break for a few months until I came up with a better idea. In 2011 I managed to draw two pages. By 2014 I got the character to they point where he deserved a story and then I drew that story.

If you want to do something that is hard, that seems insurmountable, if you keep at it, you will make it happen.

I wanted to share this story and drawings because Kid Universal starts tomorrow and updates weekly and I wanted you to see how he started and how he changed by now. He’s just the beginning of a much wider Little Dog Comics universe. Please keep following and tell your friends to as well.