Agent Pickle 004

ap 004 web

Agent Dinglebottom comes in for a bumpy landing.

That’s the fourth installment of Agent Pickle. Thanks for sticking with us for our first month of publishing web comics. Next Saturday we’ll be taking our first scheduled break to help get ahead with producing the comic. But please come back because in place of Agent Pickle we’ll have a guest post by painter Paloma Nava.

If your just joining us you can view all past installments in the archive.

Happy Adoption Day


Today is 11/12/13 which is a pretty cool date. However, there’s another unique date that holds great significance to us at Little Dog Comics. 11/11/11 is the day we adopted the best sidekick ever and we named him Bucky. Yesterday was was our second anniversary with him. If you’re thinking about rescuing a dog we highly recommend it. It’s a good investment in your future happiness.

Stickers for Feedback


We just checked the mail and look what arrived from the printer, Stickers!

Little Dog Comics is only a little over a week old now and we’d like to get some feedback. Send us your comments, questions, or whatever you need to get off your chest, and we’ll mail you some stickers. You can reach us at, our Facebook page, or leave a comment here on the website.

Comics Should Be Fun

little dog logo¬†Welcome to Little Dog Comics. Think of this as your home for the most fun comics in digital or print. We’re excited to announce that on Saturday, November 2, we’ll be launching our first weekly web comic; “Agent Pickle.” So please come back to witness the high flying adventures of the most fearless dog in comics.

There is one guiding principal at Little Dog Comics. That is that comics should be fun. If you need a break from the grim and gritty that has become the norm in comics these days then you’ve come to the right place.

See you in a week!