Vintage Dog

vintage dog 002

It’s time for another installment of Vintage Dog in which I share my collection of vintage photos of dogs.

I’ve heard the saying the more time a person spends with a dog the more the two begin to look alike. This picture proves it was true in Victorian times as much as now.

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Vintage Dog 001

vintage dog 001



As of this posting there are 40,934,044 pictures on Instagram with the hashtag “dog.” It’s a fact, since the invention of photography, people love to take pictures of their dogs. (Check out this one from 1860.) I love dogs and old photos so I started a collection of vintage pooch photography. This is the first photo from my collection. I believe its from the 1940’s but I’m not quite sure. As I bought more photos my interests grew into vintage photography in general. These just sit in boxes and are rarely seen so I’ve decided to publish them in a monthly feature called Vintage Dog.