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I’ve spent months working on new comics and I’m happy to say that I’m ready to share Bucky and Alma Forever: Best Friends. It will eventually be for sale in my shop but for the time being the only way to get it is to sign up for my email list. All you have to do is click the sign up link in the menu, or at the end of this post, and provide your name and email address. Then I’ll send you a pdf of the first chapter. It’s that easy.

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Rabbit with a Hat

have you seen my hat

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

-John Steinbeck

I think that quote sums up this drawing pretty well. The original was drawn with ink on bristol. I colored it digitally using a limited pallet to tie the rabbit in with the back ground. I used a cool light source to mimic morning light and give the whole piece a feeling of coldness.

Kid Universal Issue 1 Panel 2

ku pg 002 pnl 2


After hurtling through the time bleed Kid comes face to face with the side of a mountain. Time travel is not so easy and he’s still getting the hang of it. E-mail if you have a guess as to what mountain range that is. First person with a correct guess will win a sketch card of Kid Universal.

Make What You Like


Here’s something I don’t like doing, making prints for comic conventions. In order to make money at these shows I feel like unestablished artists have to make prints of well known characters. Boring. How many versions of wolverine do we need? So that’s where I was when I started this drawing. Feeling like I had to make something unoriginal while wanting to do something new. In the end I decided I didn’t care if it sold well that I would just make a print that I enjoyed. So far I’ve sold exactly one copy of this print and that one sale was more rewarding than the fifty I sold of an Adventure Time drawing.