Power Couple

It’s time for another Watercolor Wednesday but it’s Friday so I’m late. I’ll just get on with the post.

This week I drew a popular couple from DC Comics; Green Arrow and Black Canary.

I tried out doing an under painting with violet washes. It seemed to give the painting a deeper tonal variation so I think I’ll try it again on my next painting.

Wonder Woman

This is painting number three of one hundred in my personal challenge to get better at watercolor painting. Last week I did Superman and Bizarro. I was pretty happy with how they turned out but I feel like I leveled up on this Wonder Woman piece.

I feel like I was able to get better color saturation on this one. If you look at the Bizarro piece, it looks a little washed out or light. I also feel like I chose a more interesting color palette. One thing I would do differently is make the top half of the background more purple. I feel like it got too dark and her hair gets lost in it.

Out of Time: An 80’s and 90’s Cartoon Show


Next weekend I’ll be participating in a show at a local gallery organized by Jon Sanchez, Jeremy Montoya and Jonathan Perea. Here’s what they have to say about it on the event’s Facebook page.

Please join us for “Out of Time: an 80’s and 90’s Cartoon Art Show”. Over 25 local artists are coming together to show artwork inspired by cartoons from their childhoods. Come to the opening night event on Friday the 13th… the artwork is sure to sell quickly! There will be food, drinks and DJ Cali 5 spinning all music from the 80’s and 90’s!

I believe that the number of artists has increased to 40 since they created the event page.

This is my piece. It features characters from a show I’m not afraid to admit I enjoy, the Powerpuff Girls! I’m working on pallet restraint so I only used the four colors shown in the picture. Initially, I only wanted to use two (ultramarine and burnt sienna) but then I wouldn’t have been able to make a green for Buttercup or a purple for Fuzzy Lumpkins. I think painting would have looked nice with such a restricted pallet but each of these characters are known for their color. I added yellow ochre mix with ultramarine for green and alizarin crimson for purple. To achieve color harmony each color is actually a mixture of three colors. For example I made a skin tone from alizarin crimson and yellow ochre. For shadows on the skin tones I added a little ultramarine. For purple I used alizarin crimson, ultramarine and burnt sienna for highlights. Since each color is made from a similar recipe they all seem to go well together. Just a little color theory for you in case you were interested.

Back to the show, If you’re in Albuquerque I hope you stop by. It opens March 13th at the Downtown Contemporary Gallery on 4th and Central and runs through the end of the month.

A New Approach


© Little Dog Comics 2014

Agent Pickle is a project that I’m incredibly passionate about (it stars my dog as a high-flying secret agent!) so I felt that I should make it the most visually exciting comic of which I’m capable. To do so I’ve spent a lot of time going back over the fundamentals of art and have taken a more painterly approach to drawing. In the past my work relied on heavy line work and dense areas of blacks. I still like that style of cartooning but for this project I’ve shifted to using blocks of tone to create depth and various values of tone in my line work to bring emphasis to certain parts of a drawing. When I color these digitally they take on the quality of a watercolor painting, which I like.

My favorite book this year was Blacksad: Amarillo by Juan Diaz Canales with art by Juanjo Guarnido. The entire book is hand-painted in watercolor. Someday I would like to do a fully painted comic but I need more practice with watercolor first.

Be sure to stop by next Friday to see the color version!

Louis and Lutin

louis lutin

When I started Kid Universal I knew that he would need a mentor, someone to talk to, someone to fly a ship and have his back. Since Kid can travel through time I thought it would be cool to find an historical ship captain and have him be the pilot of a futuristic time traveling vessel. I did a few google searches and didn’t find any captains I connected with but then I came across an image that had nothing to do with what I was looking for yet was exactly what I needed. In the back of my mind I knew there would be parachuting cats in my story I just hadn’t figured out how to tie them in. And that image I came across provided me with a captain and a way to tie in the cats. Enter Louis Coulon. Not the French Canadian military officer famous for being the only opponent to force George Washington to surrender, I’m talking about the man with the eleven foot beard and what he carried within it.

louis coulon beard

Not much information is available about him in English so I only know a few details. He was born February 1826 and died in 1904. The legend goes that at age 12 he began shaving but could not keep the blade sharp due to constant use. By age 14 his beard ahas 19 inches long. (Just for context, I haven’t shaved in a year and my beard is just shy of four inches.)


By the way, you can now get Little Dog Comics related phone covers and other products. I just signed up with Nuvango who partners with various artists for high quality printing.





Kid and Sherman

kid and sherman   I’ve been getting back into watercolor this past month. For practice I painted a series of portraits of characters from Kid Universal. Since Kid and Sherman have already been revealed I posted them firs. Next week I’ll post the conclusion to the first Kid Universal story and the following week I’ll post the rest of the portraits. (They’re my favorites.) You can win one of these or a Squirrel Boy print if you promote Little Dog Comics on Facebook, Twitter or Intstagram. Just make sure to include a link to littledogcomics.com and the hashtag #LDCFTW14. For more info go to the blog post titled Win Original Art. Facebook Twitter Instagram Don’t forget Inktober is coming!